Thursday, December 29, 2005

National Treasure IV


I don't know the name of the shop. We just call it 'that fried chicken shop in Pandamaran', somtimes 'Pandamaran friend chicken'.
Pandamaran is well know for its Ah Beng's, Ah Lian's, Young and Dangerous gangfights, motorbikes, dopes, and the fried chicken.
The fried chickens cost RM2 per piece. If you get the wings, they're RM1.70 as they're the sucky part.
Why they're good? Because you get MEAT! How many times have you been to KFC and sink your teeth into their OR chicken to realised it's all greasy white/yellowish fat lumpy chicken fat? Grease drippig down your lips and all.
Yea. PFC doesn't have all that. And their chicken are bigger/cheaper. Oh yea. Their batter is special also. Don't ask me HOW special or what's in it la. If I know, I'm opening up my own store already. A bit salty, a bit crispy like that loh.
Another specialty of PFC is their yo-yo Ice. I don't why they call it 'yo-yo'. I guess it's a Malaysian thing.
Their yo-yo ice are the best yo-yo ice I've ever tried in Malaysia. Check it out. MALAYSIA! So I'm actually saying they're the best in the whole country. What? What? Come verify lah.
You get to choose flavours from red bean, longan, watermelon, sour plum, bo bo cha cha and more.
It's not your Starbucks kind of ice blended drinks. You can actually see the ingredients and all.
And they cost RM1 per glass. RM1.20 if you're taking away. Hey that's actually pasar malam price ok. Fucking awesome.