Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oei I'm still in here

Once upon a time in Low Yat Plaza:

Granpa Ho: Hey cockroach, I don't feel too well today. My sixth sense tell me that the police might come and spotcheck our pirated store soon. Maybe tomorrow.
Cockroach: Aiya, Ah Gong, I guarantee not tomorrow.
Grandpa Ho: Why leh?
Cockroach: Because Ah Lok called me just now and say the police is coming in half an hour's time mah!
Grandpa Ho: Wah Diu Nia OXXO C%# CH%# B## piece of shit. Hide everything lah! What the fuck you doing here farting shit!?
Cockroach: Oh ya hoh, we sell pirated stuff.
Grandpa Ho: I'm going to call my best friend's son Ah Bu downstairs and inform everyone else. Have to take care of them. YOU! You piece of crap faster cover and lock everything up as soon as possible. OK! F@#%! We meet up half an hour later.
Cockroach: No problem Ah Gong. I'll definitely cover everything and lock them up.

32 minutes later:

Grandpa Ho: Chibai Cockroach.