Saturday, December 03, 2005

Quote of the week

'The kids who've earned the most in Hollywood without suing Michael Jackson.' - David Letterman.

Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire has grossed over 200 million dollars.

Update: The movie was utterly crap.
Finished it 85 minutes ago, it's shit.
No thinking required: everything just happens. No explanation, no indication, no mysteries. Nothing.
Had too many characters that the audience can't even emphatize, not to mention symphatize with them.
Yea well, they have special effects. Get the fuck in line.
And out of the sudden, Hogwarts is a 'multi national' wizard school that you see Indians and Asians around.
The only credit I can give is to Ralph Fiennes as 'he who should not be na- oh fuck it Voldemort.
Best acting in the whole bloody movie. And sadly it lasted for only nine and a half minutes. Everyone else should be shot dead.
Go watch this movie now so that I can feel better that the whole world wasted money and I'm not the only fool.