Sunday, December 18, 2005

Welcome back Mr.McDonald

X came back from Sydney yesterday night.
Anyway, we were waiting for our Special Chicken Burger at a Ramli Burger stall next to the Southern Park 7-11.
After waiting and looking at the fat woman frolicking with our burger patties and all, X paid for the burger.
He said: Terima kasih. (thank you)
The woman actually replied: Sama-sama (you're welcome)
X was shocked for some moment before turning to me and said: that's the first time someone actually said 'sama-sama' to me.
I had to agree. We were stunned for the night. Maybe pigs will come flying on the sky or ninjas will go lawn bowling in the afternoon and Australians can finally tell the difference between Lebaneses and Sri Lankans.
For you people out there: Don't simply say 'you're welcome' ok? You'll frighten us for being too polite you know? Scar us for life.
And do you know that while making the fried egg for the Special Chicken Burger, they wipe the remaining egg liquid on the patty?
Ew's. So gross. (picks nose)