Friday, December 02, 2005

What? Never seen a reversing car before ah?

Have you ever encounter this: while queuing up for the TouchN'Go toll, the car in front you just realised he/she has no TouchN'Go card and had to reverse, making the whole line reversing as well?
Erm. Well. The same thing happened to me today.
No. Not the car in front of me. I WAS the reversing car. Ok, I can explain. Please stop shaking your head.
Well. I was driving to KL today, and I needed the TouchN'Go card. My mom searched high and low for it upon giving it to me.
I was in a hurry, while I was dashing out I heard my mom shouting: CHARGE! I thought, woah, isn't she in the mood.
So there I was speeding towards the toll booth.
While I touched the card to the machine thingy, the indicator says: $0.10 KURANG (insufficient)

My mom didn't say 'charge'; she said 'recharge'.
I can feel my chin touching my balls in the car.
So yea. That was my experience of being a reversing TouchN'Go car. I have to admit it was pretty fun as no one knows me anyway. It's not like they're going to remember me one day in the streets shouting: Hey! You're that guy who didn't have a card!
And if you think that was the end of my story, you're wrong! After knowing that there wasn't any credit in card, I decided to stop by the building next to the toll to recharge the card.
I queued up, paid, took the card, got into the car, and turn on the ignition. The car went creek. creek. cree-eek. aak.
The battery was dead. Yup. In the middle of nowehere, next to the toll, the car went dead on me. And it started to rain.
Luckily after 10 minutes of desperation and cursing and farting, the car managed to start. At that point I was too chicken to drive.
Called my dad, made a big U-turn and went all the way back to Klang to get the batteries replaced.
Yet by the time I was on the highway again, it was already peak hour. This is just the way we jam we jam~
Luckily I just made it in time for dinner in KL. A very eventful yet unconstructive day of suspense.