Friday, December 09, 2005

You should've seen the other guy

Doctor what's that on my backawaaneeeeaaamaaa pukeeeeeee!

This is my back. Or should I say what's left of it. Erm. Yea. I joined a new S&M club. It's called Chinese Massage. My father's idea.
My lifestream's been sucked out.
Well it's called 拔罐. (Ba Guan) Apparently there's this round sphere with an opening (guan). The theory is that you use vacuum to suck the 'bad chi' out of your body. Normally they burn the inner side of the 'guan' so that the pressure will change and 'suck' on your body. What the Sinsei did today was, after the 'guan' was stuck on my back, which was quite painful to start with, she DRAGGED the motherfuckin' 'guan'.
Would you believe me if I say it didn't hurt?
The Chinese Sinsei very cool somemore. Throughout the process she spoke only once: Go ahead and cry.
The thing was that I didn't even have the strength to cry. My face expression stayed the same for the whole hour.
Imagine eating a sourplum, and then someone kicked you in your crouch wearing red hot sizzling shoes of steel and left it there.
Yea, that was my expression.

Oh. She said something else: 'Life is pain, young boy'. Fuck that's scarier than any Italian Mafia threat I've heard throughout my life.
How is this good to my health, only my dad will know. Frankly I think it's revenge. This is just bullshit.
He still can't get over the fact that I'm not going to do law.
You can take away my back! You can take away my balls! But you can never take away my FREeEeeEeeEDOM!! Ouch. Cunt.