Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Argh I can't slow down water

Giants making out. Not a good thing.

I put on a random Vocal Jazz CD. I'm listening to Dinah Washington, I'm staring into space. Legs crossed, I tried to type with one hand. Slowly. Without care.
All I need now, is a cigarette to make me look cool.
That's what a Wong Kar Wai movie does to you. He makes the least appealing thing looks so romantic. So charming and breathtaking.
If you can't stomach Wong Kar Wai, then I'm sure you'll find this movie painful as falling down a fleet of stairs from a bike with your shirt stuck to the wheels.
To quote a WKW critic: "A dreamy, ravishing ode to romantic longing, and it is bound to frustrate people who like their movies to get to the point, or at the very least have one."
Nonetheless, I like it.
I like his way of not having scripts for the actors so that they will seem most natural and show their true personality on screen.
So I think you can only grasp his movies truly when you understand the language because the cultural essence is there.
WKW got the movie idea during the handover of Hong Kong. The government promised 50 years of change.
50 years after 1997 would be of course, 2046.
Ultimately, the movie is about promises, and changes.
I'm not even going to try explaining the movie. Just that there's tons of metaphors and hints and comparison.
Some you'll get them straightaway, some key points and subtle hints you'll only realised them 3 days after, like I did.
The style of 2046 is like a crossover between Chungking Express and In The Mood For Love. Tony Leong's nerrative voice is back accompanied by the vivid colours of 1960s and the future's train to nowhere. Brings back memory.
Just like how in the movie they say: memories stay in 2046.
Such a pun.
And yes I know this movie is one year old. But I'm in Australia. And only old people will watch 2046 and pretend they understand about WKW's movies here.

photo from zreview.co.uk

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Don't like pirates? I'll fail you!

Captain Jack Sparrows my ass!

I don't know. Is it just me or my lecturer from Popular Music and Society actually looks like Geoffery Rush? If you don't know who Geoffery Rush is, he is the villian from Pirates of The Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.
Ok, so maybe he looks less vicious and the cheek bones are not as obvious and thin. But seriously he sounds like the man too.
And his name is also Geoff. COINCIDENCE?
I'm starting to suspect a conspiracy of the actual actor taking a part time job in RMIT in disguise as a music lecturer.
The main objective is to er... er.. is to teach music.
So that we would listen to more music, and not get a job when we graduate, and end up taking up acting as a profession.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What about Barely Legal 4?

TIME magazine online has just announced their list of top 100 movies of all time, which I find both surprising and appaling.
First of all, you'll probably need a time machine to actually know all of the movies. It's as if the critics are showing off their age or something. The only relatively 'recent' movies you'll find on the list would probably be LOTR, Unforgiven, Schindler's List, Pulp Fiction, and Finding Nemo.
What. The. Fuck? How can Finding Nemo be on the list while movies like Fight Club, Forrest Gump and Shawshank Redemption are not? Hell, I'd even trade Nemo for The Matrix.
That's what I find obscene. 2/3 of the list are so art house that I feel sorry for postmodern film makers.
Having that said I'm actually an art house person.

I'm quite surprised that foreign movies are actually included in the list. Especially movie like City of God and Drunken Master II.
Again. What. The. Fuck? How could Drunken Master actually make it on the list? DRUNKEN MASTER II somemore?
I'm not saying the movie is crap, but Jackie Chan has made better movies like Project A, Police Story (the old one, not the new one), or even Rumble in the Bronx.
For people like us who know better, they might as well call the list Top 100 Movies-Which-Made-It-Into-America.
This is just like how the April Issue of Vanity Fair rated Zhang ZiYi as the 10 most beautiful women in the world.
Might as well say she's the only chinese you know.
Anyway, my favourites that appeard on the list: Bladerunner (watched when I was really young, must watch again), Chungking Express, Farewell My Concubine, Pulp Fiction, Schindler's List.
I'm sure most of you will beg to differ and prefer movies like ET or LOTR. Meh, I'm an art house person.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Long time ago, a galaxy far far away

The following happened on tram 86 yesterday.
A young girl was sitting next to the window. She was relaxed. She was looking forward to her date.
On Bourke Street, up came a bunch of people.
You know, normal people that would appear on Bourke Street: accountants, librarians, babies, etc. And of course, up came some abnormal people that would appear on Bourke Street as well, like this dude with moustache that connects to his beard.
He climbed up the tram with a whole trolley bag of random stuff. Tied to the bag were a few fishing rods without strings and without that thing you turn when you caught a fish. He's wearing a beanie with the colour that resembles his thick facial hair. He sniffed a lot. He rubbed his upper lips constantly.
He decided to sit beside the young girl beside the window.
Out of reflex, the girl crossed her legs. Swiftly, her left legs to her right, allowing her left inner knee to rest on her right knee.
Out of a sudden, Mr. facial hair flipped.
It started with an outburst of swearing. Swear words that include phrases like 'whore', 'cunt' and 'tuna'.
That caught the attention of a fine handsome young lad sitting across them, which of course, was yours truly.
I then figured that Mr. facial hair felt insulted because the girl crossed her legs. He thought that showed disrespect. This is what he said, according to my memory:

You've got a BEEP seat, I've got a BEEP seat. You think I don't deserve to sit here you BEEP? What you afraid of me? You think you're so BEEPing BEEP? If you don't like me, just BEEP off you BEEP! Don't cross your BEEP legs, don't cover your BEEP, I'm not gonna lick them! Don't give me BEEP BEEP attitude. In Paris I can get all kinds of BEEP! I go up to them and I do this (hand groping action) and they come BEEPing to me! You think you so great! BEEP! I'm gonna BEEPing BEEP you you BEEP!

The girl countered the guy quite well I thought. She left her seat. Yet he was still beeping on for another five minutes.
And he got tired. Then he looked at me.
My balls tingled and my brain sent me signals which I thought were translated into: You're fucked big time!
Luckily at that moment Parky called me and asked me where I was. I stood up immediately and pretend that I couldn't get reception and had to rush to the other end of the tram.
I didn't want him to swear at me just by picking my nose or something. The tram reached Crown, I got off and watched Star Wars III with Parky and Tas. We agreed that it was Ugly Women Day because all the women on the streets looked ferocious.

Luke, I am your father.

What am I? I'm PS3.

Whimper. Sob. Weep.
This is the Darth Vader of game console.
I don't know what's going on with Sony's design department, but this thing looks like Spiderman's radio. Maybe it's the font they've chosen, it's just too... cheesy.
It's like a typical futuristic thing you see in all the movies. Espcially the controller, it's like something only Batman would know how to operate and my fingers hurts whenever I see them.
It's basically a computer system that ONLY plays games.
Wi-fi, bluetooth, 512 RAM, 6 USB ports (for what?), Blue Ray disc technology. Apparently a Blue Ray disc can hold up to 56GB. Fuck, that's like the HD of my computer. High Definition TV compatible for the rich.
The only relevant thing to me is that all the controllers are wireless. Then again, the batteries only last for 24 hours.
It's evolutionary, not revolutionary.
Same old story: Sony will battle agains Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Revolution while game makers make tons of gils.
Still, I nearly came imagining the release during spring, 2006.
Specs aside, the most important is still the GAMES.
The blockbuster line up makes you go 'fuck': Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, Onimusha 4, Tekken 6.
Still considering all the fuck ups and shit, they will only be safe to buy during 2008. Should be cheaper too I hope.
For an amazing super total dooper mega fucking holy surprise, click here and stream the 700K option. That's if you have 50mb to spare. You will NEVER regret it.

Friday, May 20, 2005


Well, nothing much happened recently. Here's some cold hard fact about the history of Musicals. (from my lecture, of course.)

The creator (sort of) of opera is a guy name Gluc.
The first ever sound film was made in 1927.
It was "Jazz Singer", a musical.
Before the 40s, most of the opera were comedy opera.
The turning point from light musical to serious musical was "Oklahoma", made in 1942 (or 43, I didn't pay enough attention.)
The first postmodern muscial was "All That Jazz".
The director was Bob Fosse.
From the movie 'Generals prefer Blondes", we see Marilyn Monroe singing "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."
That same idea was used in Madonna's MTV "Material Girl".
And Baz Luhrmen used both the songs in his movie Moulin Rouge.

There you go. A brief history from Musicals to MTV to Hollywood. All connected and intertwined.
And I shall go to my bed and pass out now.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Even when the curtains fall, you should still be on stage.

This is one of those movies that leaves the audience speechless and remain seated in awe and agony after the end.
It's a foreign movie, so I can't judge it in comparison to normal commercial movies. But I still think it's great.
Long story short, the movie is about the last days of Hitler's life, from his personal secretary's perspective.
The characters are overwhelming. That added colours to the struggle of a falling empire which was once all mighty.
Magnificent cinematography, which I think all war movies should have. Great casting, especially the actor who played Hitler. According to my geeky historian friend Parky (see Viva Le FCUK post), everything was shot according to actual events.
Halfway through the movie, I couldn't stop thinking: In war, everything just happens. You do not have time to think of what's right or wrong. You choose a path, you stick to it.
I have to admit I admire Hitler. Not for what he believed in, but for his ability. Take that into consideration, I felt sorry for him when he sat in silence, then utter: It's over. Everything is hopelessly over. The agony of admiting defeat must've been heart piercing while the rest of your comrades trust you with their lives.
Which leads to the next point: Should the next generation be blamed for the mistakes of their fathers?
Should we now move on with our lives, thinking that we're nothing but citizens of a global village? That cultural differences, debts, mistakes should all be past tense?
Or, history should always be remembered. We may forgive, yet we must never forget? Then again, wouldn't that stop us from moving forward towards a common unity?
Come on, I know there's people coming in and out from my blog. Leave a comment, an opinion. What's your piece of mind?

Friday, May 13, 2005

You think I can put this on my CV?

I'm still better looking than some of you.

Sometimes I wonder: Why now? Why me? Why didn't I get chicken pox when I'm in primary school (that, I assume is due to lack of friends)? Why humanity can cure VD but not chicken pox? WHYYYYEAIAIAIAI?
Yet sometimes I think: Hmm, this is not that bad after all. All the care and attention. It's like winning immunity(I had a standing ovation when I returned to the dining hall. Well, sort of).
And just like my friend X said, life is never complete without chicken pox. Now I'm a step closer.
So yesterday, I just took heaps of pictures with my tripod, jotting down this unexpected part of my life.
This picture is the best as most of my face is covered.
Alas, life goes on. My scabs will fall. Scars will be left.
What I can't get, is the attitude some people gave me.
Ok, it's just ONE person. Let's call her GK.
GK never had chicken pox before. So her phobea on me is expected. But sometimes I think it's a wee bit too extreme.
For example, I wanted to toast my bread.
GK saw me, and said: this toaster is broken. Go away!
I thought: If the toaster is broken, why the FUCK did you just put a piece of bread in it? Why the double FUCK are you standing in front of the toaster? Hello, I'm having chicken pox, not freaking down syndrome. I can see the steel is going sizzle my nizzle!
I don't know, I might be a bit sensitive, but it would be nice if she could just say: I'm afraid that I might catch the chicken pox from you. Can you use the toaster after I'm finished, thanks?
But NOooOoOOooOo, she has to say: Can you just stand there and don't move while I dash to get a cup? Why are you down here anyway? So inconsiderate one!
Well, here's my explanation.

A) I did not get quarantined. Out of the 260 people in IH, probably only 10% of you haven't got chicken pox before. Therefore, a quarantine is not required because you people are the minorities.
B) I am considerate enough to stay in my room for the past 10 days. I could've wonder around anyway, and it wouldn't be MY problem that you've got chicken pox.
C) Again, I am considerate to come down early to make my sandwitch as I get to avoid the crowd so that they wouldn't get it.
D) It's not like I'm extremely close friend to you, so please stop being so self absorbed. Maybe the reason you've never had chicken pox is because you never had friends during primary school. (I'm entitled to say that coz I've had chicken pox now. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!)

On the other hand, I've got friends that say: It's ok if you come near me, I don't mind having chicken pox. I rather have it now then during my honeymoon.
Just shows that there's so many different people around.
Respecting the difference, is another thing. But isn't that what staying in IH is all about? Oh I forgot, some people stay in IH because they couldn't make friends outside and they're trying to get future room mates to move out with.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


ever sat on your Legos when you were a kid?

So, what is this you ask?
A new assignment? Something I drew out of boredom or insanity? The chicken pox has finally gotten into my head?
No, my friends. This, is a logo.
A logo of a faculty in a Brazillian university.
What facutly you ask? Well, take this.
Portal de Filosofia. I guess that means the PHILOSOPHY Portal.
No, I'm not making this up. Visit here and look for it.
For the first time in my life, instead of going 'let's see how I can make this dodgy', I went 'let's see how I can make this proper'.
The only explanation I can come up with is that they want a temple behind a big rising sun.
And that really SUCKED even as an idea.
You're brazillians, why would you need a fucking temple, behind a big RISING SUN? So Philosophy is not about how you think, it's about WHERE? So, I'm in a temple, AHA! It's philosophy!
You idiots! People PRAY in temples! It's about RELIGION, not Philosophy. After laughing for 10 seconds, I started to feel sad.

I don't know. I mean, maybe they do realise the logo resembles a whole building getting shoved up into a red gigantic ass. Maybe they just enjoy the absurdity about it.
Maybe Philosophy is all about that, giving anal sex to the Satan.
And I was just talking about creativity.

That, is definitely NOT HOW to design a Philosophy logo.

Monday, May 09, 2005

I like the way you carve chicken

From time to time, people tell me that I'm creative.
While I modestly bow down and thank them, I always think:
Of course I'm creative! I have to be! It's the basic requirement of my course! If I'm not creative I'd have failed since last year!
Seriously, I'll be quite DUMBFUCKED if you come up and tell me I wear glasses, I'm good at numbers, I should do Commerce.
I'll beat the shit out of you like you're having chicken pox.
Anyway, back to creativity.
Whenever people says I'm creative, besides bowing and thanking and thinking of beating them up, I often ask why do they say so.
And then I get normal answers like: because you do things differently. you see things differently.
I also get stupid answers: because you do fun and not boring stuff.
Wait, so just because I do advertising and not engineering or maths or history or physics, you think that I must be creative?
That has got to be the most shallow comment. Ever.
It's just like saying, oh you're doing accounting and finance, you must be a boring and unfriendly.
A person should not be judged basing on his or her occupation, but character and personality.
Plus, creativity is not judge on what you do. It's HOW you do something that shows your creativity.
Sometimes people can be so dumb and insensitive and self absorbed. They can even screw up a compliment.
I feel sorry for their parents. Actually, I don't.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Houston, we see Mars.

Nothing can describe my feeling other than the word FUCK.
It started with a fever last Saturday. Being macho and all I thought I could shake it off in a few days time.
Obviously I couldn't. I got my sorry ass to the clinique yesterday.
The doctor(bitch) said: Oh it's tonsilitis. Have some penicilin.
So I went home happy and slept.
I woke up at exactly 6.02pm to find out my face was infested with red spots that ruined the perfect contour of my face.
Being trusting to my doctor(bitch) and all, I thought I was allergic to penicilin. So I sang to myself: lalalalala, I'll just go back tomorrow. Everthing's fine. Don't panic.
This morning, that doctor(bitch)'s not available. So I thought, oh well, I'll see another doctor, it's just a change of penicilin anyway.
But NOooOooOoOOOO, this new doctor(not bitch) look at me and say: my dear friend, you have CHICKEN POX. (Indian accent)
Yes, chicken pox.
What about the tonsilitis? the fever?
say ah.
Nope. It's swollen, but not tonsilitis.
What kind of doctor can mix up chicken pox with tonsilitis??!!
Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.
So now here I am, bee hive face with a medical certificate for one week. Cafe night is Saturday and as Entertainment Coordinator I couldn't do shit. I couldn't perform on this choir act as well. Can't hand up my assignment this friday. Can't go to class for the next 2 weeks. I'm isolated in this apartment and everyone's avoiding me.
At least I get to watch all my DVDs now.