Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Clock ticking anti clock wise

So many (Ra)men, so little time.

I wanted to be cultural and stuff, you know. Visiting shrines and all the historical sites of Yokohama.
But when I found out there's a Ramen museum in Yokohama, I thought: fuck culture and knowledge, I'm pigging out.
Which is what I did with Satomi. The museum has two basement levels with geewiz, what a surprise, Ramen stores.
It was set up as if you're in the 1930s of Japan.
You get Ramen from Hokkaido, Kyushu, Tokyo; you get miso soup base, shoyu soup base, tonkotsu soup base.
Luckily each store sells a mini bowl, which means you can sample around. Unfortunately I could only take two bowls.
But I ate two Koroke's* as well, which comes in miso or shoyu flavour. The batter was covered with crunchy Ramen.
The ground floor is technically an instant noodle workshop and gallery. You can customise your very own Nishin cup noodles.
I say it's well worth my trip.

*Koroke: fried mashed potato and meat in a thick batter.