Thursday, January 19, 2006

I still can't afford them

I'm sorry. This is still about Japanese porn.
Ok. Let's say that each floor can accomodate 20 cupboards. And each cupboard can easily fit in 1000 DVDs. (I'm talking about ceiling to floor cupboards here.)
Good. So that's 20000 per floor. Five floors will roughly contain 100000 DVDs of porno. 4:3 widescreen version.
Let's stay that each porn star in Japan has a healthy career, and has an average of 20 epic titles, with subtitles.
That's still equivalent to 5000 porn stars.
How's that? On my 30 minutes subway train ride from Shibuya to Akihabara I actually culculated the minumum amount of porn stars in Tokyo to kill time.

Of course I couldn't actually share that with James, Sho, Satomi and Riyo who were on the train with me.
Akihabara is like a Japanese version of Lau Yat. Computer geeks and nerds or so called 'Otaku' roam the earth of Aki-Land.
We went into this building with 7 floors of hobby figures. The final floor sells bar maid costumes. No shitting here.
Oh yea, Akihabara is also famous for maid-cafe's. It's like a cafe, and you get girls in costumes serving you. Maybe she'll chat and play cards with you, serve you tea etc.
We wanted to try that. Yet we got sucked into the Sega city and started playing the Taito drum game.
I realised I've got a natural talent for that game.

Dinner at Shibuya again. At some fancy looking Izakaya with illuminated floors. Can't actually remember what I've eaten, but I'm sure I finished a pitcher of beer with James. I drank at least 4 mugs of beer. Ah, the redness... of my face, of course.