Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'll stick with my imagination, thanks

Afternoon at Yebisu.
The fucking Photography Museum's closed on Mondays. After all the trouble of rushing and getting there, CLOSED.
Anyway spent some time at the Garden Tower. And I realised Ogilvy & Mathers Tokyo is on the 25th floor.
If you don't know, they're kinda big shot firm in advertising.
I took the lift up, went up to the receptionist and asked if she speaks English. Of course she does. And I started bullshitting that I'm an overseas student doing a research on Advertising Firms around Tokyo and if I could visit the office.
Of course she called my bluff. Haha. Not really, she gave me the same cocky corporate answer: Aiiii mu soreee yiuu shud corntak the Pee Ahru department and make appointoment.
Oh well, at least I got a free brochure and saw the waiting room.

Shinjuku, evening.
Shinjuku is a more grown up version of Shibuya. Mainly because of the Kabukicho. King Street in Melbourne if you know what I mean.
I spent 2 hours in the 8-storey Kinokuniya, which only one floor (foreign books) actually mattered to me.
And then I walked into a DVD store. Only to realised they sell two cupboards amount of normal DVDs. The rest were Japanese AV porn.
The store was 5 storey high.
So that's like 4.95 storeys worth of porn. I didn't stay long, maybe for like 30 seconds. Not that I didn't want to, just that a copy costs 3000 yen. That's like 100 ringgit, or 30 aussie, which I can't afford.
Fact no. 39: being horny in Japan cost a lot too.