Friday, January 13, 2006

Intimacy with the automatic toilet bowl

(enter toilet. take off pants. sit down, toilet bowl warms up. Literally, like a computer HD.)

whooaaoooa.. the seat is warm.

(while making my cake la black forest, I noticed the control panel, which have cute little buttons illustrating the functions.)

hmmm.. this picture has a fountain under a 'w'. (press button) GYAAAAAAAA! HWEe hEEEe ehEhEEeE!

(felt like a deflowered virgin, push stop.)

pant... pant... ok... here's a knob. I think it says water power. (turn knob to left) tee hee hee hee (giggles, turn to right) oOoOo OoOoRRgh, strong, very 'explicit'.

ok. this button has water. (press) hhhooooorgh. it's HOT AIR. eeee. water drops are going everywhere down my anus! running running nin running running nin. (stop).

hmm. and this? (press) oh. washing the toilet bowl... hmm. ass is feeling hot. the toilet seat has fucking heater.

(pull toilet paper out of basic reaction) argh shit I don't need these. (blow nose) hmm. actually I'll sit down again.

repeat x2.