Monday, January 02, 2006

Mr. Policeman, there're two guys snickering in front of my bras

Went to Sunway Pyramid today. I know, I know. Going there on a public holiday is suicidal. But think about it: more people = more girls = more beautiful girls. Hey hey.
There's this shop called Wearhouse. They sell these rejected branded clothes really cheap. But they cut of the label.
I won't be surprised if you've never noticed the shop, because there're like 10 rows of bras just in front of the entrance.

Cucumber: How can you have rejected bras? One big one small?
Me: Maybe some people are like that leh.
Both: Hahahahahahah.

Anyway, I bought a Enneth Cole sweater. Wanted to get some Ersace's but not my style. The Hugo Oss shirt reminds me of snake skin. The Alvin Klien jeans looked good. But don't have my size.

When I was paying I was thinking if the shop would give me a Rmani bag with one handle. But no, it was just a normal Wearhouse plastic bag. Cheh. The disappointment.
And I can't believe this would actually happen to me one day.
I couldn't fit into a XL sweater! It's TOO big! Too big I tell you! I had to buy a large! A LARGE!
Somebody call someone!
The thing about these shops is that you'll think other shops are so expensive after shopping in there.
'Wah Cheebai! A CK shirt RM300 ar? Crazy!' Although it's really crazy to buy a RM300 shirt to start with, I think.
Speaking about paranormal activities, while chatting with Sarah I realised that we are on the Melbourne University website.
If you still don't get the catch, Sarah and I are both RMIT students. That means we don't study in Unimelb.
Gyaahahha. You can see us being labeled as 'top students from Australia and around the world' right here.
I look like a North Korean. And those were all my books in the picture. So next time if you see these 'happy studying students' photo, keep in mind that they're all staged. Mmmmeh.