Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Twins are a different story

Satomi and sister, Marie.

Friends' siblings are interesting subjects.
Let's say that your best friend has a really hot brother/sister. Would you actually pick him/her up?
I've seen people doing that. 25 year old graduate going out with his 18 year old friend's brother's classmate.
Or 30 year old doctor with high school pal's little sister.
These sort of stuff disturbs me.
Wouldn't your friend sort of think you're a perv after that? No? You don't see anything wrong with it?
Ok. Imagine your best friend making out with either of your parents (both if you want to go all the way).
Ah, that got you thinking didn't it? Isn't that the same thing? No, don't tell me it's different. It's still your family!
Friends and family don't mix. Literally.

Yea. Some of you are ok with it. I'm just saying I'm not. It's eecky. It's wrong. It's against th- what? What did you say?
Did I make a move on Satomi's sister? You're insulting my personality and intelligence just by asking me that question!
Besides, she can't understand much English. Wait, did I just said that? It didn't mean anything. Hey.