Friday, February 17, 2006

3 days without internet

Whoa, white people! Look another one!
My fingers hurt so much from assembling stupid Ikea furnitures. What's with their 'we treat furnitures like people' mentality?

Just by giving them cool names like Jokmook, or Lack, or Billy, doesn't change the fact that they are still lifeless furnitures!
Mmeh. yea yea back in Melbourne.
Home? Not really. Feeling foreign? Neither. Bizarre? Yes. Nostalgic? Maybe. Tired? Yes. Fustrated? Damn right.
A bit down, and a bit lost. Like, I've been staying in IH all my while in Melbourne so for me it's kinda like Melbourne = IH.
But now Melbourne = 313A, 640 Swanston Street + heat + no friends but Omar and Parky + rooms full of books + trams crossing outside the balcony. I'm still jet lagged so I might not be making sense here. Meh, who needs sense. Sense sucks.
I want to go home, but not really.