Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Black Lighting

Ok. I lost it. Guess what?
An Indian guy touched me on the shoulders AGAIN!
This time it was a lottery ticket seller.
And I thought I'd definitely be safe in a Chinese Kopitiam. What the fuck is this?! 'Indian touching Harvard' season?
Is there some Indian organisation that has my picture in the hall with a big sign 'touch Him for good luck and wealth'??!
And I've check other tables. No he didn't fucking touch anyone else while selling his fucking lottery tickets.
And this time my back was against him. That was damn freaky ok? Suddenly a hand appeared out of no where and landed on your shoulders. You turn around and a big face is smiling at you.
Uuurugh! Maybe I should harness this talent(?) of mine and advertise in India. I'll put a big picture of mine and they'll all buy whatever shit I'm selling, even Big Mac or LV leather bags.
Seriously, this is the 5th time already.
And I'm starting to get used to it. Fuck.