Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dearly beloved

We'll always love you, Choy.

Another week before I return to Melbourne. Reflecting on my whole vacation, I've decided that my greatest achievement, was not my trip to Japan, or my near death Chinese massage experience, nor my ability to attract the Indian male species.
It was cheering for Ah Choy with my friends in the cinema. We shouted: 'Ah Choy ah! Somebody save Ah Choy! You can do it Ah Choy' while Choy, that Chinese dude died in
King Kong. And you better not forget it as he was the pillar of the whole movie!
Tears was building in our eyes. The tension was building like a huge rock in on our heart. He fought for his life.
Great acting skill. Catch Choy in Peter Jackson's King Kong. The movie went downhill after he died. Trust me.