Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fear not, it's a good year for pigs

But not for rats, I think.
Three of my rat friends'd broken up with their 'spouse's. I don't know. Coincidence I guess. And for different reasons too.
In the end whatever the excuse they all sound the same:

Because of long distance = I will feel horny.
Because of different personality = You are not horny.
Because I have a crush on someone else = I found someone else that's hornier than you, but as horny as I am.
Because of parents' objection = my parents think you're too horny.

But seriously, after having relationship(s), I start to wonder what I want in my next girlfriend. (doesn't hurt to have hope ok?)
Do I want a girl who's had relationship before as well, or do I want an innocent girl which I can totally mess her mind up?
Do you want a girl who'd grab you by your balls and say: 'Fuck the shit out of me!', or do you want a girl who'd say: 'Forgive me God for the sin I'm going to commit.'

Men's ultimate dilemma. Counting down to Valentine's Day. Oh oh, this is from me. It came out quite randomly.
'Valentine's Day is all about getting screwed for a steep price.'
Seriously. A couple dinner at Madarin Oriental cost RM480++ while it costs RM680++ for a dinner with WINE.
What do they put in the wine? Coccaine?