Saturday, February 25, 2006

Form follows function. Whatever.

The spoon looked like mushroom when I put it in the bowl.

My Saturday lunch. Dumpling Noodles it is.
Dumplings: Sun Circle's instant Chicken & Corn dumplings. Bought from the Asian grocery shop.
Noodles: Hakubaku ramen noodles from Asian grocery shop.
Broth: Lee Kum Kee ready made chicken powder from Asian grocery shop+ soy sauce + fish sauce + salt + pepper.
Lettuce: Well, they're from the fridge.
So basically, they're all instant and ready made. And I still spent like, what, 30 minutes making this dish.
Surprisingly, it tasted alright. Kinda like those noodles they sell in shops full of white people. Shivers.
Maybe it tasted alright because I put the noodles in a proper bowl with proper chopsticks with a proper looking spoon.
It's all about style, I tell you.
And at 2pm, a small breeze followed by a huge clap of thunder turns into a heavy downpour of rain. Finally.