Monday, February 20, 2006

Life at 313A, 640 Swanston Street

Where are the chopsticks godamnit?!

I cooked Carbonara for lunch today. Parky and Omar were trying to be kind by getting seconds. Which is why I'm showing dinner here, not lunch.
Below is a summary of our dinner:
H: Harvard. O: Omar. P: Parky. (countries in column signify the accent that we used while conversing with each other)

H: This Teriyaki Chicken is great, Omar.
O: (british) Oh why thank you, Master Wang.
P: (french) You poof, you just add in the ready made sauce. Nothing big deal about it. Piece of shit.
O: (indian) Hey, I put in additional capsicum.
H: Whoa!
P: Whoa!
O: (indian) Wait, who left their room lights on?
P: (french) Why I don't know. It's not me, it's not Omar. And we have only one, two, three people here.
H: Oh shut up. (ran to switch off room lights) I don't understand, why can't we just switch on all the lights.
P: No, no. We're trying to live the lives of third world country people. And they only get candle lights in third world countries.
O: (french) Some didn't even have candles.
P: (french) Are you challenging me? Fine. (Blows off candle)

[complete darkness]


P: Ok, fuck this, I can't see what I'm eating. (relit the candles) Hmm, the food doesn't seem as tasty after you take a good look at them under the light.
H: Like some women.
O: This is so sad.