Friday, February 10, 2006

The man, the women, and the one in between.

Who the fuck is Tom Ford?

Just in case you're thinking I'm corrupting the youth with sinful pictures, take notice it's Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson in the shoot. They had to put Ford up so that, you know, maybe women would buy the magazine as well.
I tried to think that this is for the sake of art. But come on, it's Keira and Scarlett! You know it, I know it: Magazine kiosks are going to be REALLY messy and sticky during March.
And yay for feminism! After years of retaliation, the most successful Hollywood women end up being naked on the front cover anyway. Sacrifice for art again you say? Then why is the man not naked? (Ok, that just sounded so wrong)
You don't put art up on a pop celebrity magazine. Come on, it's pretty obvious that Vanity Fair needs attention. And guess which magazine is going to get a hell lot of publicity this month?
I hope the photographer is not Annie Leibovitz. Because shooting nude is just not Annie. This is so not her level. I think nudity is a way of saying 'I don't have any particular reason to ask you to, but HEY LOOK HERE!' There should be some other way than sex.
Then again, the cover looks awesome from an art direction's point of view. But I think it's too much for the public eye.
And Keira is too skinny. While Scarlett's getting chubby.