Thursday, February 23, 2006

Stupid storyline with a smart twist

I'd have your children knowing that I'd die, too.

The other good thing about moving out, is the internet.
It took me 4 days to download this movie. The host ripped 2 VCDs into 1.4GB total of raw files. A pain up in the very inner world of my anus when my limewire is going average 5kbps.
Anyway, I've seen the second part of this movie back home during Chinese New Year while my relatives were chewing peanuts.
It's your everyday miracle family story: Mom returns miraculously to father and son after a year's death.
So you get the drift. Shock of reunion turns to joy of being together turns to the heartbreaking of parting. Bla. Bla. Bla.
The ending, however, was unexpected. I'll leave that unspoiled. (Having said that guys should watch this movie alone so that you can cry alone and not feel embarassed about it)
The movie was shot interesting enough to keep the audience engaged, considering the dullness of the story.
I'd say the director and scriptwriter did a good job.
The reason I'd watch this movie, is Takeuchi Yuko. Yuko, mmmm. Drool. She's married. Arggh. Whimper. Sob. Why?
It's a good thing I guess. I'm sure she's a bitch in real life. Just like Aki in Crying Out Love from the Centre of the World.
Women are just pretentious creatures. Meh.
And of course, Holyfuckingwood's decided to remake the movie, staring Jennifer Garner. Yes, Jenny who fucking did Elektra.
Someone get me a shovel.

UPDATE: oops. I've forgotten to write down the most important thing in this post: the title of the movie. Well, the translated title is 'Be With You', but I doubt people actually know it. Japanese is pronounced Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu, which means 'I want to meet you now'. And yea, the shovel is for killing myself.