Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wet Wet Wet? BB Mak? No, it's Take That.

Spent the whole day in KL today.
I was waiting at the traffic light, waiting to turn right into the KLCC parking lot while talking trash with X.
Of course, eventually the light turned green and I took a steep turn, only to realise 2.38 seconds later that I was on the EXIT lane.
Which means that cars were coming INTO my direction. I figured that out because there were big NO ENTRY signs, plus cars were coming INTO my direction.
I said: WhooOooOa! and took an immediate u-turn.
The thing was, a black Mercedes followed my misdirection as well. But he did not take a u-turn. From my mirror I can see his black ass going into the 'tunnel'.
I felt really guilty and wished he was ok. That was before X and I laughed like your irritating aunt for 10 minutes.
He must've been thinking: This guy crazy, took sudden U-Turn and no signal. Bloody dangerous young people nowadays. Hmm, how come this pole is before the ticket machine one? Stupid car why in my direction?
Thanks to him, I feel less like a dumb ass. I still feel stupid taking the wrong turn la, but I get to laugh at stupider people.

An Indian guy touched me on the shoulder today. AGAIN! A different shop! Oei! This is not funny oei!
I was standing in front of the drinks refridgerator choosing my refreshment and this old guy came and put his hand on my shoulder, pointing to the fridge.
I sure hope he meant: go ahead and choose. Not: there's a water bed behind the fridge. ARRGH! One more Indian and I'll lose it.