Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What next? Jerusalem Sprite?

Notice it's Mecca Cola 'classic'.

Yup. You saw it. Mecca Cola.
Omar brought it into our lives. Now him and Parky and planning to fill up the cabinets with a row of empty Mecca Cola cans.
Oh God.
It says 10% charity on one side the can. While the other side says 10% Palestinian childhood. I sure hope it doesn't mean they use child labour to produce the drink.
That'd be sad. We've used up 10% of other children's childhood to drink Mecca Cola. When they could fly kite and ride bicycles.
It tastes Halal if you know what I mean. Less gas, very very very sweet. Parky likes it apparently.
Anyway, we've even thought up the ad for it:

Alwayz Mecca Cola. Dzrink zis or die!

But seriously, Mecca Cola's a well established company that's anti-American consisting a wide range of refreshments since 2003. And trust me, they are flying off the shelves.
This is not the first time Coke's facing the 'Muslim' challenge.
Zamzam Cola, an Iranian drink named after a holy spring in Mecca, has won an enthusiastic reception in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as well, according to BBC. Mmm. Zamzam.
You learn something new everyday, I guess.