Tuesday, February 21, 2006

You're worth more than that

I sold off some of my books today.
The guy took a whole stack of them and gave me $15 in return. I wasn't happy. It felt like a cheap relationship.
You bought the books, thinking that it'd give you wisdom and knowledge. And you sell them off once you've realised you can't learn anything from them anymore.
Or, you found a better book. Maybe, you've no space to accomodate them, which, is my case at the moment.
Yup, cheap, worthless relationships. And you sell them off for a price of a meal. That's what I did. I bought dinner tonight with the $15. Worst dinner ever. It's KFC actually.
It's a good thing books got no feelings ain't it?
Or I'm just too fucking sentimental. If only I can treat the women like my books. Sigh. Wait, it's the other way round.
I look forward to the day I got used to the trams passing my balcony/window. I'm sick of getting alarmed every morning.
And the drunken people. I hope their pants catch fire.