Thursday, March 30, 2006

And I'm still picking my nose

Finally updated my 1+1 = 3 list.
Justin Riddler and Dean Gorissen were guest lecturers at my Advanced Art Direction subject this semester.
Simply put, I think they are the best photographer and illustrator that Melbourne could offer. Ok, maybe even Australia.
Riddler's even an RMIT grad.
And yea, Kozyndan's on the list too. Just because they're cool. They're having an exhibition now at the Outre gallery. It's along Elizabeth, just a wee bit before Lonsdale.
Go check it out really. Outre is cool. You know you've found someone with taste when they mention the Outre Gallery.
If you don't know what my 1+1 = 3 list is, pay a wee bit more attention to the sidebars. Yes, that one. No worries.