Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And when we kiss...

OooOooh. FIRE!

I have to admit it looks better than it tasted.
What? It's my first time frying noodles, and well, I might have burnt it a little. Ok fine, so I made Parky cleaned up the 'charcoal'ized wok. So what? As long as it's edible.
My defense: too little oil & too much noodles.
Mmm. PS2 is fun. Especially when you have no friends. Slashing demons, rolling katamari's, good old days.
Wait, am I not supposed to be in final year and doing lots of projects you say? That's true. Uhm, shut up! SHUT UP!
Things I've learned today: not to rub your eyes when you're chopping onions. And definitely not your crouch.
That shit's so not cool.