Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Butt crack alert!

Yes, indeed. What is the significance of the conductor?

A man snored so loud that he nearly made all of us burst out laughing during Tchaikovsy's Violin Concerto.
I think there was also a boy with down syndrome watching the symphony, hence every now and then there were strange 'Chewbacca' kind of moans from behind.
No, seriously, I wasn't being mean. I really saw a down syndrome boy in a wheechair on my way to the toilet.
So at that point when I was trying so hard not to laugh, I just thought of an everyday dilemma in life.
Don't ask me why, it just randomly happened.

A dilemma of life: Would you choose to be a winner amongst all losers; or just a loser among big winners?
Would you choose to be dissed among the very best, or just stay with the mediocres and pretend you're king?
In more simple words, if you were me, would you choose to enrol in Japanese 3 and struggle, or just waltz through Japanese 1 since you've already learnt the basics?
Well, you might ask 'why not take Japanese 2?'. Well, sorry dear, Japanese 2 is only offered during second semester.
It's a pride thing, this problem. Some people just want to get good grades and feel good about themselves.
Some want to learn things although it means failing and not getting a degree and letting the family down.
Well, I'm definitely not going to stay in Japanese 1 and feel superior. Although its pretty tempting I must say.
Yet I might fail the shit out of Japanese 3.
Argh, to get good grades, or to actually learn something worthwhile?
Help, or any opinions, anyone?