Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Everybody has AIDS

Parky finally watched Team America.
Omar was singing the 'I'm so ronery' song and Parky didn't get it. So he made Parky watched that part of the movie.
And now the whole 313A is full of jokes that are over a year old: 'Harns Brix? Aw fuck!' ' Dukka dukka, Muhammed Jihad' etc.
We refused to make stupid Brussel Peters jokes because we're reserving that for the next year, or maybe later.

Actually I think Peter's a year old too. But everyone still thinks speaking in an Indian accent is funny and cool.
The sad part is, the Indians laugh along.
As if that's the only way they'll get accepted: to laugh along the jokes that're pointing towards them.
Yea. Postmodern racism. When we don't feel angry at the racial jokes anymore, we join the fun. Haro, I rike flied lice. Werry funny.