Saturday, March 11, 2006

I received a Banana, really

The teacher walked in and spoke in Japanese. I mean, duh, it's Japanese 3, but I was expecting some English explanation.
I could sorta grasp what she's trying to say, but it still sounded something like this: sei chfoj hdfioah fhuafhai hbfiad WEATHER haliahfh fbuahfu nujkd dhaf dhakha, YES?
And everyone but me replied: YES!
hfauihf jci kdie agyc ngo ieikc hfa cico HOMEWORK, RIGHT? And everyone replied: MILK, BANANA & SANDWICH!
And I went cuckoo, kaka, and nyanya.
20 minutes later , she finally spoke English. For the first time I appreciate the language white people invented.
But overall, the class was alright. We spent the whole class learning about giving and receiving.
(not in that way, you dirty minded scum)

This guy who looked a lot like Quentin Tarantino sat beside me. And he was telling me about how he got drunk the other night and woke up in the hospital with drips.
There was this other guy sitting opposite me who I thought looked awful familiar but I just couldn't remember who he was.
This seldom happens, so I was pretty frustrated. At the same time the teacher was saying 'boring pen'. (wtf, I know)
Finally, I remembered the guy as the salesman in OfficeWorks. He helped out Parky and I a lot while we bought the 20kg bookshelf. And we were being a pest bugging him about this and that, taking something and returning this after buying that.
Maybe it's not a good idea to remind him about that.
But yea, it's an interesting class. There're three old folks sitting behind the class as well. And they'd be the last to finish the sentence all the time we read aloud. It's sorta like a kind of echo.
I'm still the crappiest in the class though.