Thursday, March 09, 2006


Our recycling box.

It's unintentional, really.
I kept the box because it was big enough to store all my stuff during summer. Well, it was her box during two summers ago.
Next thing I know, Parky and Omar were chucking empty Shape boxes, juice bottles and milk cartons in it.
I didn't even realise her name was on it until some ex-IHer brought me to a corner and asked me about it in a hush hush tone.
'What do you do with it?' ' Do you urinate in it?'
And I just couldn't stop laughing.
We were emptying her at the basement just now. On the way back, I really hope I didn't bump into anyone I know.
"Oh my God after a whole year he still hasn't got over his ex. Now he's hugging a box with her name on it. Poor bastard."