Saturday, March 11, 2006

My detergent's label: This product actually works!

The thing about washing your own toilet, is that you lose the excuse of blaming other people when you pick up dirt and hair and slimy green stuff all around the place.
You know, that thing you do at home when your mom's on your ass: staring her dead in the eyes and say: "Hey mom, it wasn't me."
Nope, can't do that anymore.
And considering how hairless I am, it's difficult to believe the decent amount of hair falling off. Different shapes and sizes too.
Yet the strange thing is, I found hairs that were at least 20cm long. I don't remember having any body parts that could possibly grow that length and amount of hair.
Just shows that how many girls came using my toilet. Smooth. Or maybe Omar's been sneaking homeless guy in my room again. Shit.
Am down with sore throat and fever, yet not that bad. I hate this feeling. You feel sick but not till the extent of lying in bed and not do anything. Not sick enough to attract attention.
Quote of the day from a concerned friend: "Go check in the mirror and if you see white stuff in your throat, go see a doctor."
And the doctor'd probably give me a condom. And a movie ticket to watch Brokeback Mountain in Nova.