Friday, March 24, 2006

No seriously, 3000 nipples aren't working

Ok, freedom of speech.
I'm cool with that. That's something I've never seen before in Malaysia. Protest, marching etc. Mind blowing, uhuh.

But can you tell me if any of the protests actually worked? Think 'get troops out of Iraq' protest. Think 'fight VSU' protest.
Sure, they marched into some office and delayed everything. But did the protests bring any favourable result?
I don't think so.
However, I have a problem with nude protests.
Can anyone explain how in the name of whoever's up there, getting naked and lying on the ground could possibly contribute to ANYTHING on the surface of the earth?
It's like people going 'Oh, erm, hey guys, nothing's working. Let's get naked and form a massive artwork on the ground.'
Can you imagine an alien spacecraft flying by and witness that moment? They'd think 'man this planet is a piece of cake. Let's save our nuke and just let them rot to death in 10 year's time.'
Maybe that's why we don't hear much about UFO sightings anymore. They left because we're just not worth the invasion.
They'll just come collect the planet once we all die of nude protesting. Oh well, at least they'll have a good laugh.