Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No, that's prawn

Was having a conversation with a friend about porn. No, no don't give me that look again. All of us come across the topic of porn the day we've learned to deny watching porn.
So, she was asking: If a man and woman were both to be virgins, (that's the chance of getting hit by a lightning, I know) and both of them've never watched porn before, (that's the chance of winning the lotto) would they know how to have sex?
Good question, I must say. I think that's how BJ, TJ, EJ and AJ* were discovered. Because there's no porn long time ago.
Thank heavens for porn.
Especially in Malaysia, where they tried so hard to ban porn. I mean, COME ON! Porn is how we prosper! Porn is how we learn to reproduce! Porn keeps us safe and warm. Porn, is what made us having a higher population than Australia!
Yea, yea. The law's damn tough. Yet I'm sure every single high school student had came across them. Ladee-da-deeda.
Now they're introducing sex education in school.

......FOR WHAT??!

The teachers? So that they could learn how to do it since they didn't have porn during their times?
Because HIV positive people are increasing? They don't need sex education. They need fucking CONDOMS!
It's like the whole country's getting shot, and the government is teaching the nation how to use the gun.
I'm sure the pimps in Chow Kit are going: Are you for real? We have enough students sending in their resumes already!
Watch porn. Really. Even pornstars wear condoms. Stop blaming porn for the cause of Malay girls getting raped.
Whatever happened to poor PUBLIC SECURITY?
And when a Chinese girl gets raped and chopped up, her family gets a 'get well soon' card and a fruit basket, with a shrug.

* J stands for JOBS. B = Blow. T= Tit. A = Armpit. E= Ear.