Monday, March 13, 2006

That's it

I'm not going to cook for a week.

I screwed up the Carbonara again. That stupid cookbook doesn't work. I'll have to use my instinct next time.
Hence I erm, did some instant Japanese Karaage (just fried chicken) to cover up the driness of my pasta.
Anyway, do you know that angel hair pasta cooks faster than your average pasta? Hey hey, level up for you.

Dinner conversation #4:
Omar: So how's work yesterday night, Parky?
Parky: Oh alright. I saw the hot Jewish girl again. She has her hair back up this time. I think she likes me.
Harvard: Ooooh. How?
Parky: She smiled at me.
Harvard & Omar: ............
Omar: Did she have her hands in her pants?

Since then all of our conversation contains 'hands in pants'. Even a poor German guy who's just doing his laundry.
Ah. Brotherhood.