Saturday, March 04, 2006

There's something about the way you look tonight

It's Mardi Gras day.
When millions of gay & lesbians get together and celebrate the fact that they suck cock and munch on carpets.
What pride. What celebration.

It's like the Valentine's Day for homosexuals. Just that, you know, it's the totally opposite way to celebrate it.
We don't have no people parading down the park during Valentine's Day. Couples just check into hotels and hump each other for a very expensive price.
Whereas Mardi Gras is to expose everthing about your sexuality to the whole world. And it's totally free. You just show up.
I can so imagine some girl hoping to be a lesbian so that she could put on those colourful clothes and march with the parade.
You know, some people just don't cut out to be models and the only time they get to catwalk is during Mardi Gras.
I don't know. Homosexuality is not accepted like 50 years ago. People get stoned to death if they're found bent.
Sorta like the pedophiles today. Can you imagine 50 years later there'll be a 'tellytubby' day and pedophiles just gather around and dress up in clown suits while celebrating the fact that they're turned on by your children?
No, don't tell me it's different. It's the fucking same thing. It's about social values. It's about change.
Cheers to the eggs which won't be fertelized. ever.