Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tutu's for grandma

Felt really depressed and amnesiac after watching Weatherman starring Nicholas Cage and Michael Caine.
So I've decided to do something self-destructive this morning. And what's better than skipping a 3 hour lecture/seminar?
Oh alright, I was just lazy.
After buying the white flour bread from Baker's Delight, I walked in Borders and realised it was a 20% discount off everything day for students/teachers. On top of that I've found a 2CD set of Underworld for $21.95, that's $18 after discount. Mmm. And then I found Rob Dougan's Furious Angel as well. And then Banana Yoshimoto's 'Goodbye Tsugumi' was on sale for only $9.95.
Playing truant has never been so rewarding.
But I went to the afternoon class. And I watched the latest X-men trailer. Seems really, really, really promising. I think this is the only franchise that gets better every episode.
And then I streamed the Gorillaz/Madonna performance during Grammy's as well. Seriously, Madonna's like 40+ or something.
And I'm embarassed to say this, but she's HOT! As in yes, HOT! Did I say she looks HOT? Oh my she's so freaking HOT!
That's disturbing. Really. If all women were to stay hot till they're 40, human population's gonna rock the ozone layer.
And can you imagine your friends finding your mum hot? What's wrong you say? Erm. Uuurm. You should walk over a cliff.