Sunday, March 05, 2006

We are...

Omar, Harvard and Parky's Sunday brunch.

Sze Chuan mince beef spicy noodles.
Thank God for Lee Kum Kee's ready made sauce.
And Omar's Fantastic brand of long life noodles. With an addition of onions and mince beef and long beans, plus a bit of lemon juice, chili flakes, fish sauce and XO paste.
I know, I know. Someday I'll learn how to prepare the paste by myself. Which means I have to call my mom soon.
By the way it's not that I'm being fancy or anything by using the coloured bowls, we do use them on regular basis.
Mine's the orange one (because orange is the colour of genius), Omar wants the green one coz that's nature's colour, and Parky got the purple one just because it's metro-sexual.
Frankly, all of the colours above seem gay.