Friday, March 17, 2006

Who would have thought

My balcony would look so great in the evening.

It figures.
I was trying to take an evening nap when this bright light shot into my face. I thought Zeus finally came to claim me as his son.
But it was just that I've forgotten to put down the blinds. My room faces North. So ya know, evening = yellow West.
Had a random phone call. "Hello, is this Borders?" this lady asked. I was pretty tempted to say yes and entertain her.
Then again I was late for class.
I managed to speak to Mr. Tarantino from my Jap class again. He was all passionate about anime and cyborgs and mind hacking.
"It's bound to happen, this technology." He blinked, "One day we'll all have bionic arms and cyborg legs to work faster. Hell if I were to fall from 10 stories high and end up as a cripple. I don't mind being a half robot myself."
I said, "Look, a tram. I've gotta go for ballroom dancing."
Is it me, or the world's just gone FUCKED?