Thursday, March 23, 2006

The wok said:

It's been one week since you looked at me.

Juri, this is what you missed out on dinner tonight.
Hope you enjoyed Scholarest veal.
Well, it's curry fried noodles.
Actually it's supposed to be Singaporean Noodles but I know there's NO SUCH THING as S'porean Noodles.

It's just normal fried noodles with curry powder.
Another thing that's made up by white people, along side with Dim Sim's and Weapons of Mass Destruction.
And yes, I know I'm supposed to cook it with rice noodles. So? Who said I can't use egg noodles? I even added a bit of ramen noodles to increase the texture so it's more chewy.
Oh alright, it's because that little bit of ramen was left there since a month ago. I just need to finish it off before the green stuff covers the whole thing. Then it'll be a bit unhealthy.
Parky? Omar? What are you guys doing with the butcher knife in my room? OH SHI- wait, wait, you guys said it was good! ARG-