Saturday, April 29, 2006

And it runs on poo-disc

No, it's not for the new 747 planes.

This is Nintendo's new platform for gaming.
Frankly, except for the airline entertainment controller, I think it looks the best compared to Xbox 360 and Playstaion 3.
Here's the killer: it's called Wii.
Not a spelling mistake, it's pronounced 'We'. Because Nintendo believes gaming is all about 'we', the consumers.
I still think it's a pretty dumb name for a platform.
'Yo, let's go back to your shack and hit some We.'
'Does your We play DVD?'
'Mom! Alex refused to let me play the We!'
'You heard Moe's got the new We?'
Then again, we'll never know. It might turn out to be the next big thing in gaming history. Weeee~!