Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fist mark on the alarm clock

So I was late for my Japanese 3 class today.
I mean, seriously, why would ANYONE arrange a class to start at 8.30am, I have absolutely no fucking clue.
So there I was, dashing out from the tram, 5 minutes late. Not a good thing to do since I was planning to arrive early to ask my teacher for permission to re-sit a test I've missed last week.
(Long story, I was in Auckland, remember?)
I charged into Building 6, got into the mighty slow elevator while rapidly fingering the '><' button.
Then I heard someone shouting, 'stop, please, stop!'
I have to admit, it was really one of those 'angel on one side of the shoulder, devil on the other' kind of situation.
Eventually, I pressed the '<>' button last second, cursing my angel away, the devil shaking his head, disapproving.
And guess what, rushing in, panting like Stephen Hawkins, was my teacher. Apparently she was late as well.
At that moment, I experienced what they call an 'invincible' state of mind. It's like me wearing a impenetrable cloak.
But yea, although I got into her good book she still refused to let me sit the test. I should've shut the door with the finger.