Thursday, April 06, 2006

It is a beautiful day

Carbonara: Hey black boy, you new here?

A wise Indonesian man once said: 'It takes three tries to get a Spaghetti Carbonara right.' Ok, maybe he didn't say that.
But it's true. I finally got it right the third time. Don't you fucking snicker on me. The cook book says the difficulty is 2 pots ok.
Ok fine, so I've been using thickened cream instead of normal cream all this while. But it's not my fault.
Have you got any idea where they put normal cream in Safeway? Yea, right ON TOP of the shelves. That's not eye level man. So uncool. And there's only one brand of cream compared to the brazillian types of thick creams. I suspect conspiracy.
The Vege-Chicken stir fried noodles however, took me an hour. That's because you have to fry the noodles till crispy brown first.
It's been a while since we've had such a good meal. Ask Parky, ask Omar, it's so good that we sang 'My Humps' after the meal.
Despite the awful cold and wind, it was a great day. An assignment done, an idea approved, and Crash DVD bought for $20.
Now I need that phone call from the girl of my dreams.