Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Something strange in the neighbourhood

This is my brother's story.
Actually it's about his ex-housemate.
When my brother first set up his house, he looked for a housemate. Of course, many people applied.
In the end he decided to go for the most culculative guy, since being culculative normally means non messy aftermath.
They live well together and that's that.
One midnight, my brother woke up to get something from the kitchen, and he saw his housemate in the lounge.
Wearing a superhero costume.
Think 'There's something about Mary'. Think the pink one that Ben Stiller bought for her retarded brother Warren. Yes, THAT superhero costume. And he was holding a cricket bat.
My brother went: Hey man, watcha up to?
The guy replied: Nothing much, cleaning up the streets.
Shocked, scared as well as amused, he went to office the next day and told his collegues about Auckland Superman.
So Mr. housemate here is well known in Auckland.
And apparently he's schizo. He had no idea what he did at night. His girlfriend said it happened after he got fired from his job.
So now he's just walking around at night in his costume and his cricket bat helping people in need. During midnight. In Surburbia.
My brother said he liked opening the garage door narrowly, and roll into the house instead of walking.
Too bad my brother found new housemates. I was so ready to stay up all night with my camera in the dark.
I guess my question is: If a schizo superman can get a girlfriend, why can't I get one?! ARRGH! I need to buy them pink costumes!