Sunday, April 09, 2006

Well, at least it wasn't 'Alice's Wet Wonderland'

During my Japanese class on Friday, I was given a torn out TV guide from some Japanese newspaper.
You know, so that we could have conversations about what program was showing on which channel at what time.
So at some point the teacher came and asked if I recognised any Kanji(similar to Chinese) characters that I could read.
I said yes, I recognised '温泉'(Hot Spring), and I could read '美人' (Beauty) as well. But then I realised I shouldn't have said that.
Because at that very same second, I realised that 'Hot Spring Beauty' might be an adult film, or something equivalent.
Well, the worst part is, she announced it to the whole class: 'Everybody, Harvard found something naughty...'
And then I could hear my brain folding into a shape of an Origami frog and started to hop inside my head.
Yea, I guess now I'm regarded as the dodgy 'Hot Spring Beauty' guy in my class. At least Easter starts this week and I don't have to see them for 2 weeks. Hopefully they'll forget about it.