Saturday, April 22, 2006

Who didn't let the dogs out

The single most important quote I've learned from Auckland: "Don't ever try to argue with stupid people, because they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Auckland Airport, immigration counter.
I handed my passport and departure card to the lady.
She looked around and read everything and started doing the 'ask questions to show I'm doing my job' thingy.
' So, do you live in Melbourne, or you're going back to Hong Kong?' She looked straight into my eyes.
Hong Kong? HONG KONG? Which part of my passport or my departure card said I'm from HONKEY TONG?
The job of immigration officers are to check if there's any incoherency in the details. Hence the 'asking questions' shit, in case you can't even answer simple questions.
And obviously she didn't even read both documents properly. What, do I look like I'm from Hong Kong but pretending to be a Malaysian? Yea, that'll make sense. Ptuui!
That's not all, she said: you're a student huh? I'm like, what, you have a problem with that? 'Where's your student visa?' she asked.
'I can't find it in your passport.' And she started flipping through my 'only used up 2 pages' passport.
Where. Is. My. Student. Visa? The whole fuckin' world is using electronic visa today you brown cow!
(Ok, maybe only Australia, but I was on a roll there. Besides, they live just across the street, they should know anyway.)
And she still gave me that skeptical look when I explained that to her in approved English, that 'don't know real or not' face.
I'm not being racist, but just extremely harsh to dumb people.
But THIS is the racist part:
Everytime I arrive Melbourne from Malaysia, they've always got those pain in the ass dogs walking around sniffing shit all, right?
Because, oooh, we might be hiding drugs underneath our shoe soles or in between our lugguage or teddy bears.
There were no dogs when I arrived from New Zealand.
The whole place was empty! It took 10 minutes for my bag to roll out, and another 5 minutes later I was talking to Shameer the cab driver about his IT degree in India!
Where's the 'I'm sorry you've been randomly chosen to be probed in the anus'? Where's the 'I'm sorry I don't believe you've got nothing to declare so just go to lane 5 anyway'?
So people from New Zealand won't smuggle drugs. But a country with a name you can't pronounce? Unleash the dogs!