Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Love? Map? Crap.

About love. Well, it doesn't exist.

Upon discovering this movie, I was pretty excited. At the idea, and the possibility of it being a good film.
3 couples. 3 stories. 3 locations: Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai. Sounds familiar? Fear not, as Hou Hsiao Hsien did the same thing with Three Times last year. Giovanni Veronesi has done it with Manuale d'amore, currently showing in Nova.
It's no wonder this crossover production, About Love, went through last year without notice.
And it should have. The movie was crap. The only thing that attracts the audience is probably the dysfunctinal interraction between the Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese actors.
Other than that it was a just a vein popping effort to make the movie appear stylish and philosophical.
The second story, Taipei, actually had a script that was literally torn off Wong Kar Wai's Fallen Angel.
The disappointment. I'm not saying it's the crappiest of crap. Download it if you must. It was still 100 minutes of entertainment.
Just to say that if you're attracted to its style and script. Go rent yourself some Wong Kar Wai's. They'd do more justice.