Monday, May 08, 2006

Not fair, you have more balls

Looks more like noodles on fishballs.

It's been a while since I've shown my food.
I don't know, whenever I see noodles I thought of this lame joke my high school Physics tuition teacher told us:
Mr. noodles beat up Mr. bun and ran away. The next day, Mr. Bun ran up to Mr.Indomee and beat the shit out of him yelling: Just because you've permed your hair you think I don't recognise you huh? POW! Huh? SLAP! Huh? (Hey, I said it was lame)
Anyway, yea. tuition classes. Can't believe I actually went to a tuition class. Thinking that subjects like Physics and Chemistry were important. Not to say that they're not, but looking back now, I felt like I've wasted my whole high school life not realising what I wanted to do then. But then again, if I were to tell my parents I want to make ads to sell healthy burgers 5 years ago, they'd probably skin me alive and soak me in fishball soup.