Sunday, June 11, 2006

2 days after the end of my final 2nd semester

They all look the same, don't they?

Buy Canon digital cameras. The pictures always come out better than it looked in real life. Eg., all the food I've cooked so far.
Yet I've noticed, they all start to look the same. My Pad Thai here bears no colour difference with the chicken curry last week. Heh.
And oh, from the same folks who brought you '31 ways to make a girl smile', I present you 'Why girls cry':

They're Mad. They're Sad. They're Scared. They're Nervous. They're Frustrated. They're missing someone. They're Alone. They're PMSing. They're Pregnant. Their Heart Is broken. They're in love. Their souls have been torn. They met a boy they cant have. They fell in love with a boy. They hurt so bad inside.

So, a girl won't cry when their eyeballs've been dug out? Or say, their ears been cut off? Hmm. How about when they're 'chopping onions'? Why would you fucking cry when you're pregnant?
Another bullshit attempt to make dumb guys' lives a fiery living hell. Simply put: A girl cries, because she needs attention.
I hate these people trying to make every little thing 'romantic'. Why not 'Why girls have to shave their legs'?
I'm beginning to enjoy this friendster thingy.