Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Survivor: MH0128

Row 64, the backest of back of the plane.

I hate America.
They invented Coke and McDonalds', which are partly responsible for my childhood gluttony and unhappiness.
'Dude, where's my car?' was made in America.
Most importantly, America take away friends like Maybelle away from Melbourne. She's going for an exchange.
Seriously, what's so good about America exchange programs? Bleh. Excuses. Everyone watches too much TV and just want to get laid there. They think the air is fresher, people are more friendly, moon is rounder etc. Bleh. I'm sure they're as bad as Australians.
It's sad actually. Which means most of the Melbourne students are the 'wanted to go US or UK but because not enough money or just not good enough to get into Harvard' kind of students. So they settled for the best uni in Australia, maybe it sounds more 'chim'.
Well, can't believe I'm actually quoting my father, he said, ' The best university sometimes produces the biggest losers.'
I guess I'm just angry that I might not see Maybelle again.