Thursday, June 08, 2006

Truly 'I just want to get this done'

And, of course, embarassment.

The given proposition of this Jeans West campaign is to say that 'it's ok to wear Jeans West'. I find that extremely patronising.

Nevertheless an assignment is still an assignment. Our idea is just to show normal consumers in their jeans on TV.

You buy a pair of jeans and you're intitled to get filmed. The clips are then stored on a website where you can download and edit them with a 'generator'. You make your own ads, you publish them and viewers can vote on them. The best self made ad will get aired on TV. That's about it. These clips I've got here is just an example or what you'd expect the feel and mood to be. Now I've got all the music stuck in my head. Argh.

Update: We actually got awarded the 'best presenters'. Well, the marketing director of Jeans West was there to assess us alongside the lecturers. My partner and I end up being the winners. And what did we win? $500 dollars worth of Jeans West voucher. Hmm.